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”Erkenntnis geht nicht voraus,

sondern folgt der Erfahrung”
Johannes Müller


At the Kalden Clinic our philosophy is one of “biological medicine’, combining traditional and holistic approaches to the management of cancer and other chronic diseases. We believe that good health results from the natural balance of elements in the human body. This internal balance can be thrown off by internal and external forces: things such as poor eating habits, lack of exercise, stress in our work and personal lives, poor leisure habits and psychosocial stresses, all can weaken our bodies’ resistance to illness. Psychological or physical problems can be the result. Traditional assessment does not look at the multiple layers of potential causes for illness, and so only the symptoms are treated, not the underlying cause.

At the Kalden Clinic, we have used our 28 years of experience in traditional and holistic cancer treatment to develop a widespread diagnostic program (including Contact Regulation Thermography, BE-T analysis, and immune system bloodtesting) to complement conventional clinical examinations. This gives us the additional information we need to develop highly individualized treatments for cancer and chronic diseases.

We offer a detoxification program, nutrition counseling, and sports and lifestyle management, to complement more traditional approaches. Our different therapeutic modalities and programs are listed in this brochure.

In addition, one of our other areas of focus is palliative medicine. Cancer patients who can no longer be cured by established therapies often feel themselves alone and isolated. We believe that even in the most advanced stages of cancer, quality of life can very often clearly be improved by biological medicine. Classic medicinal pain treatment can be combined with physical treatments, acupuncture or other holistic approaches, to provide more individualized and helpful palliative care.

If you have questions or would like more information about what the Kalden Clinic has to offer, please call us

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important Note:

Special offer for patients who are not able to come to Germany because of their bad clinical situation: medical consultation at home. Please call us.